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Love Flow Global Meditations

Equinox and Solstice

Next Solstice Meditations-
Sunday 6.21.15

Next Equinox Meditations
Tuesday 9.22.15 sunrise sunset

Recommended times for meditation

more equinox and solstice
meditation info

New and Full Moon

Next Full Moon Meditation
Sunday, 5.3.15

Tune In at 10pm your local time
for at least 20 minutes

Next New Moon Meditation
Sunday, 5.17.15

If you are not able to meditate during the reccomended time, find 20 minutes during these days when you can tune in and enjoy breathing and being in
The Love Flow!



2015 New Moon/Full Moon Calendar


Tune In With Us!

Here is what you do...

1. Wherever you are, clear your mind and open your heart.
You can use tools such as visualization, relaxing music, or candlelight to help you find a peaceful state of being.
Get comfortable in an upright sitting position and place your hands on your thighs or in a mudra.

2. As you let go of all thoughts, move your attention into your heart center located in the middle of your chest,
feel the love within you, and Tune In feeling the collective Love of humanity and all Love in this Universe.

3. Let your breathing deepen, and give yourself permission to completely relax, feeling yourself in the Love Flow!
Now that your awareness is totally in the present moment, you feel connected and have compassion for all life.
Allowing this Love to fill up your entire being, you then feel it overflow out from you to all that need it...

If you need help to focus your mind and let go of normal day to day thoughts,
visualize the double rainbows around the planet, or the chakras of the human body!















If you need more help use the Guided Meditation at the bottom of this page

Once you are focused, allow the visualization to fade away as you move your attention to your heart,
completely relax and let go of all tension and worries...

Daily LOVE Meditation

We invite you to find 20 minutes twice a day in the morning after you rise and at night before you go to bed and join us in meditation.
Let this energy fill your entire being and let it guide you towards the greatest good along your life's path.

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World Unity, Peace and Love Celebration 2012


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"The Solar Wave"


Guided Unconditional Love Meditation

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